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windows live writer 2012 常用必备的插件推荐(精心整理)

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Windows Live Writer(简称WLW)是博主们喜欢的博客离线发布程序,所谓工欲善其事,必先利其器。



1、Clipboard Live 实时黏贴板


Clipboard Live enhances the pasting abilities in Windows Live Writer. Copy and Paste Images, HTML pages, Web Images, Visual Studio Code, RTF pages, and much more right into Windows Live Writer. Never lose formatting or content again in your Pastes. Have you ever wanted to paste an image into Windows Live Writer? How about pasting a Microsoft Word page? Visual Studio Page? HTML Image or Fragment? Clipboard Live opens up the paste functions of your clipboard. You can paste Images as local files or pointed to their original http:// address. Paste HTML Fragments leaving the formatting and they will include images. Paste a word document with the formatting or just adjust the settings page and paste it with no formatting at all. You can paste anything and everything that is useful in your clipboard. You can adjust the settings to choose how you want your content to look on each paste. Instead of clicking Ctrl-V, just click the Clipboard Live plugin and let it do the rest. Clipboard Live is the answer to all your Pasting troubles. Find documentation and supp

ort for Clipboard Live at

简单说就是:支持粘贴图片、html网页、web图片、Visual Studio Code, RTF pages等等。甚至支持黏贴word文档。方便吧。



2、Adsense Coder 谷歌广告编辑

储存好设置后可方便地在日志中插入Adsense广告。—感觉还不如使用Wordpress的Mighty Adsense插件更方便,当然这个插件的优点是能随意定义广告在文章中的位置。




3,在Adsense code里保存下并命名,以后就可以在Web版式下方便的插入了。


3、SyntaxHighighter 插入高亮代码插件介绍


  1. 辛苦了两人小时写日志不小心浏览器崩溃了,发誓以后一定记得用Word先写好。

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